My Daughters First Chase

My daughter Lianne had her first chase this year in 2009. She is 13 years old and proved she really wanted to do this by reading all of my chasing books and participated in the Skywarn™ training. She continued to ask questions and really showed she wanted to learn. I was thrilled because I could share something with my kids and it was something we both enjoyed. Storm chasing and weather was not something I pushed on her, it was something she asked to do.

Now Lianne didn’t get to take the long trip many of us take for our chance but she would get excited when I started planning for a local chase and would start looking at models with me and would run through a checklist and ask more questions. Well she finally went on her first chase May 31st.
We chased a moderate storm just to the NW of Mitchell, SD. This storm did go severe for a short time but did not produce a tornado. I was happy that she didn’t get a tornado her first time out because I think now she has the drive to catch one. As I said this storm didn’t give her the twister it did provide her with some great views.
I could tell she was enjoying herself by the sounds of the camera going off in the back seat. She took well over a hundred photos.

The best part is she went a few more times and is now in full learning mode in the off season.
The biggest benefit to me is she is starting to drive which means I will never have a problem finding someone that wants to do most of the driving.

Here are a few of her pictures


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