Aug 5th 2009 Night Chase

Aug 5th 2009, Derek Davis and I headed out south of Sioux Falls on a cell that had a massive wall cloud. This was a late evening/night chase which I normally do not do.

We got to the storm and within mins it went severe warned, and stayed that way for most of the time we were on it. There was another cell further to the south of us that also went severe warned but we decided to stay on this on for the lightning. And boy did it produced lots of lightning that could be seen from all sides.

While this storm wasn’t a tornado producer, it was still a beautiful storm tha put out very strong winds that tore down rather large trees and powerlines in the town of Beresford, SD and also dropped some decent sized hail.
After going through my photos from 2009 I thought I’d share some of the lightning shots and some of the damage.

Heading Out
Massive Wall Cloud
Lightning Strike
Lightning Strike
Cloud to Cloud Lightning
<img src="Photobucket” alt=”Damage at Casey’s General Store” />
Large tree down covering cars

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