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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Christmas for me has always been a magical time. When I was a child, Christmas was always the best time of year. Because the faimly would always get together on Christmas eve. I mean my whole family, aunts, uncles, cousins. I always knew that after that night Santa would arrive and bring me presents. As a child the “magic” of the holiday season was always about the presents and Santa, as I had a pretty narrow view of what Christmas was all about.

When I became a teenager and no longer believed in Santa the magic was gone, or was it? It wasn’t until I had my own children that the “magic of Christmas” really I started to understand the big picture of Christmas. This is not the holy Christmas that I understand, but there truly is a magic. Christmas it that one time of year that people as a whole put forth an effort to help other people. The Salvation Army collects money to help families, the Marine Corps helps provide gifts to children all across this great country. The magic in this is the fact that this money and these toys come from us. We always seem to have a little extra to keep that Christmas magic alive. This is also the time of year when I tend to reflect on myself as a person. I struggle in life to be a good person with views that include all peoples, rich, poor, the lazy. But the magic of Christmas takes the label off of people and they become just people to me. It’s the time of year when I see that we all struggle for the same thing, survival, for mere existance. Christmas is also the time of year that magic does happen. We as humans dig the deepest within ourselves. I think Santa, represents that magic more than he does presents and reindeers. He gives us something to believe in. When I realized as a teen that Santa wasn’t real Christmas was just another day. No magic, no excitement, just a day. My children opened my eyes. When they believed in Santa, I believed. Christmas was no longer just a day. It was a day of magic. Since I knew again that Santa wasn’t real I began to question, how do I keep this going? Would the kids be able to tell I wasn’t being truthful? Well Santa for me now represents the magic of Christmas. It’s when the jobless, find jobs, it’s those poor families that are able to pull of a wonderful Christmas for their kids. It’s a time when the really sick find hope. Strange things do happen at Christmas but I think you have to believe in this magic to realize it.

This Christmas all I wanted was a white Christmas. And I’m going to get it. 18+ inches of “Christmas Magic”

Merry Christmas friends,


Winter Weather Advisory – Sioux Falls Whiteout

Today Sioux Falls saw a Winter Weather Advisory.

While this was not a killer snow storm as they saw just to the south of us. The strong winds and blowing snow made for a tricky drive.
During my time out today I saw several accidents with cars in the ditch. Some of those cars were so far in the ditch the only why to tell there was even an accident was the police cars. This was not an overly dangerous situation but there were still a high number of accidents due to people overdriving road conditions.

Truck accident