Chasercon 2010

Summed up in one word, WOW!.
Chasercon was a three day event hosted by Roger Hill and Tim Samaras and features speakers from various backgrounds presenting various topics:
Jon Davies – Wheres the Tornado
Tim Marshall – May Tricks of 2009
Dr. Josh Wurman CSWR VORTEX2
Dr. Howie Bluestein – Mobile Doppler Radar Data Collection during VORTEX2
Dr. Erik Rasmussen – Whats Left to Learn about Tornados
Chris Novy – Safe and Responsible Chasing
Jon Davies – Pick a cell, any cell: Chase targeting issues
Greg Stumpf – NSSL
Dr. Greg Forbes – Severe Weather and Flash Flood Forecasting

The opportunity to meet other chasers and listen to these experts is certainly a trip worth taking.

I think the biggest take away for me was the opportunity to talk to other chasers face to face and get their perspectives on different topics that have been sticky points brought up on various discussion forums. Another big take away for me after talking with other chasers and these experts was, I didn’t know what I didn’t know until this event. Such as gaps in my forecast knowlege, I discovered that the method of forecasting was very flawed and it directly impacted my chasing. With this discovery, a whole new area of learning opened up as well. At the same time some other areas of limited knowlege have had some dots connected and the light turned on so to speak.

There were also vendors displaying various new tools and new products. My favorite vendor was the ChaserTV booth. What a great buch of guys and gals associated with CTV.

This trip overall was a huge learning experiance for me and my main reason for going. I know with these new skills and increased atmospheric awareness my chances of chasing success has greatly improved. But I also know that my learning is not over and I have a long way to go in my forecasting but I feel I am far better prepared for 2010 then I was for previous seasons.

If you are chaser this is a must attend for many many reasons.


One response to “Chasercon 2010

  1. It was great meeting you and your chase partners in person too Marcus! Hopefully I will see you up north some time this year! -Scott


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