Congress “You’re Fired!”

There are events developing in congress that just really ticks me off which I will rant about.
Now I don’t usually blog about politics but this just really has me steamed!!!!

Congress has allowed the FEMA flood insurance program to expire. This will ripple across the country but my concern is for my fellow South Dakotans. We currently have 52″ of snow pack on the ground and elsewhere there are mountains of this stuff everywhere. We have run out of places to put it. There is a another weather system shaping up for next week that has the potential to just sock us one more time. So what are we supposed to do?

FEMA was just here last week urging everyone to get flood insurance and when residents attempted to purchase their policies, or renew policies insurance agents could not even get them quotes as they were locked out of system.

Flood policies have a 30 day period before it actually goes into affect. “Hello Congress, “IT’S SPRING” the melt has begun.

This is clear evidence that our elected leaders do not give a CRAP about the people. I have yet to hear a statement from either one of our senators John Thune, Tim Johnson, or our representitive Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.
I for one am sick and tired over the combination of bills in congress. This bill by the way also affects unemployment as well.

Wait, what? Unemployment tied to a FEMA bill or is it the other way around? Does it matter? The ramafications of this are endless.

Think of the unemployed person struggling just to get by with that bogus system only to have his house flood from the snow melt. Banks will be stuck with properties that will have to be bulldozed because of black mold and other issues arising from water.

This is exactly why things cannot get done inside govt. and people should rely on what works.. the privet sector.

I don’t expect nor should the city get involved in this to help it’s citizens with this because this is not their fight. But I do expect the state govt. to place pressure to get this resolved.

And before you say it, THIS IS NOT BUSH’S FAULT or even OBAMA. This issue rest solely on the shoulders of CONGRESS who have shown time and time again to care less for the people and more for their display of their delusional feeling of being important.

Just remember at the polls who really cares.

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