First Chase of the Season Distaster

When I say disaster it is in a lighthearted manner.
But plain and simple we busted! Joe Miller and I headed out of Rock Valley, IA to make a play to the south and head to St. Joe, MO. Got into town about 3:30 grabbed a little fuel, watched the sky then checked data. The dew points looked a little better to the west, and that’s where we went. Stopped in Hiawatha, KS where we met up with other chasers and shot the breeze and looked at more data.
While we waited there was this cell trying it’s best to break the cap but never did and eventually died off. A quick conversation and a decision about where to go next and the chasers split up. Some chasers were heading to the east, and some heading to the north. Joe and I chose north as our route towards home assuming the cap had killed all hope.
Turn the key to start the car to head north and nothing. No juice, the car had died! Using my jumper box we got it started; now heading to the north the car died again. Are you kidding me? Here, now! On a cap bust too! Had the car to the dealer about a month prior suspecting an issue with my alternator. They assured me it was fine but I knew they were full of it. Anyway a couple of guys got us going yet again giving us a jump and we headed towards home and the car died again. This time in front of a house whose owner was more than happy to jump start us and get us on our way. Off we go with a strong desire to make it home at this point, I mean bust already right.

Joe called up Brent Koops to find out where he was and found he was heading right towards us. Joe and I looked off to the west as we cleared a line of trees to see a line of storms rapidly growing to our west.

Joe and I looked at each other and without saying a word decided to keep pushing toward home. The storms continued to grow and we saw a nice anvil though the clouds.

We pushed ahead of the line and the car died again this time Koops was right behind us. We jumped again and got going again only to repeat this a few more times towards the interstate at one point taking the opportunity to even shot a little lightning video (about 30sec worth). Once on the interstate all was smooth the car ran fine and we made it home safely.

Now let’s do that again! Not as the car finally was repaired as the alternator had sparked it’s last little bit of juice once I shut the car off.

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