4/22/2010 Tornado near Pampa, Tx

ExWx Chase team members Derek Davis and I (Marcus Hicks) headed down to TX for the tornado outbreak.

We arrived in Childress, Tx about 11:00 am and stopped for lunch and to check the models again. All the models still confirming we had picked the right target area. The area was under cloudy skies and the temps in the upper 60’s but tornados were going to happen we just needed to wait for the cloud cover to clear out. This is where paitance comes in. Headed down to the Comfort Inn to use some free wifi and shoot the breeze with other chasers, who like us were just waiting. There were cells severe warned in the OK panhandle and I had begun to doubt myself as Rob B told me earlier in the day to go to the panhandle, but it was too late and I was pretty sure I was right I just needed to wait.

Cloud cover finally started clearing around 5pm and there were cells starting to pop up. We decided to just get out of town to get a better view and quickly decided to jump on that first cell that prompted us to get out of town. That turned out to be a great call as this cell produced multiple tornados and baseball sized hail which took out my windshield and beat up the stealth pretty good. We chased until it got dark and then headed toward KS, for the triple point the next day. I will post about that later.

Here are some photos and video of this tornado.


 trying for triplets




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