Monthly Archives: July 2010

Another Successful South Dakota Chase

Bagged another South Dakota tornado 7/23/10 in Herrick, SD. This was a fun chase and getting a needle in the haystack tornado makes it all the more exciting.

Joe M, Greg Rardin and Scott Bennett left Sioux Falls at about 3:30pm with a destination of west of Chamberlain, SD where we intercepted a severe warned cell that radar indicated contained 3 1/4″ hail. We did get pounded with some massive hail, but thankfully did not lose any glass in the car. After punching the core we shot south and got on the backside of the storm where we were able to see the incredible rotation and storm motions. We continued south towards Winner capured some fantastic rotation and a few funnels. A quick position change and BOOM! TORNADO ON THE GROUND! This was a great looking tornado and we were pretty much all alone. We continued following this storm but it did not produce another tornado. We did however see Joe Dirt and his friend Mullet Man in their POS Camaro who thought it would be funny to hang out the window and spit and appeared they were trying to hit us. (But they were from small town SD so I figure just a lil inbreeding going on there). Anyway I cut them off and they began following us. There is a reason my car says do not follow, but they continued until we entered the hail core again where Joe Dirt quickly hit his breaks and proved the hail was bigger than his stones were. Along the way back to Sioux Falls the skies treated us to an awesome lightning show.