Why Stop Now! What’s the deal?

So a question was posed to me in an email that basically said “WTF, Where did you go? You haven’t chased crap lately, you just disappeared.”

Well that is partially true. True to the extent that I haven’t chased much but I didn’t disappear. I had a new project start at work that has required a great deal of my time. I also have been hard at work planning for next season and what I will do to fill the void during the winter.

One of the things I do during the off season is pick a skill that I feel hurt me the previous season or one that was weak enough to hurt me.

So here are the things that gave me grief this season.

  1. Reliable  data connection (tethered phone no longer acceptable)
  2. Not having the right paper maps
  3. Shooting/Editing Video

Busted my ass last winter on forecasting and 2010 it paid off in full, plus change. But a lot of my video came out like crap. That was primarily due to not using a tripod but I need to correct that. I enjoy shooting stills the most but the video is what sells.  So that skill needs to be corrected.

Finally, I wanted to spend the remainder of the summer taking vacation and spending time with my family. Which I accomplished.

But I am far from done.



One response to “Why Stop Now! What’s the deal?

  1. Yep –
    I really do suggest you look into the card I have. Not sure what the coverage is for your area, but I’ve been all over down here and never lost data more than 2 or 3 times. Get that and look into a high gain antenna to go with it. Video – I think it’s the way of the present, ha.

    Great pictures by the way.


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