Putting the CAP on 2010

I was sitting around on this lazy Sunday wanting to blog something and saw a friends comment on Facebook about the arrival of the seagulls. And the thought occurred to me that with the storm season winding down it would be a great opportunity to recap 2010 chase season from my perspective.

I set forth quite a few goals for myself last year and I am happy to say they can be checked off of the to do list.

The chase adventure began early for me this year when on 4/5/2010 Joe Miller and I headed to KS for a nice chase setup. This ended in disaster when it appeared to be a cap bust so we started heading home and the car broke down, and we could see storms fire up, total fail.  Then on 4/22/10 Derek Davis, David Sweet and myself headed to TX for what appeared to be a great set up. Normally I don’t begin until May-June and stick to the Northern Plains. But one of the goals this year was a Southern Plains chase so off to TX we went. This was also Derek’s birthday so the pressure not to bust was high. Scored 3 tornados that day as well as had my car blasted with baseball sized hail that busted my windshield and really banged up the car.

So here is TX 4/22/2010


The following day on 4/23/10  the trip back to Sioux Falls we chased in NE. Catching strong winds and fantastic lighting in Lincoln but no tornado.


4/24/10 I chased in IA alone for on hell of a hailer


4/29/10 Myself and Brent Koops chased a storm in NE that could have produced a long lived tornado as radar looked as though it did. However It was on the reservation and we could not get to it.


5/22/10 was the next chase and just the date alone will ring in the ears of many as a career chase. Bowdle, SD. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Next chase out was 6/1/10 and this chase was an epic failure in many ways but for the main reason I allowed myself to get wrapped in the circulation. This absolutely made me crap my pants and for that reason I will never chase alone.


6/3/10 Mike Vetter and I chase the isolated supercell along the SD NE border. This did not produce a tornado that we saw but was a very beautiful storm.

DSCF2872 DSCF2880

Then on 6/17/10 Mike Vetter, John Stone and I found ourselves attending Wedgefest 2010 in and Albert Lea, MN


Then on 6/25/2010 again Mike Vetter and I find ourselves in Revere, MN one the only view of this tornado


6/26/2010 we found ourselves in SD and didn’t follow the show to IA but was a great chase non the less


On 7/23/10 Joe Miller, Greg Rardin, Scott Bennett and I found ourselves near Herrick, SD with another rare tornado view. This was the same day as the Vivian hail.



The season pretty much ends there with a high level of success in my opinion. 20+ tornados is ok in my book. Did bust 1 more time after this storm on 8/19/10 and that’s not even worth talking about.

Was a fantastic season for me, my chase partners, friends and fans, and want to thanks everyone rode alone watching the live stream, twitter and Facebook feeds. Looking forward to next season. It will be very hard to top this one though.

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