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I drank the Kool-aid

Yes that’s right, I drank the Kool-Aid or should I say water, Zero Water.

I realize this is my chasing blog but I thought I would share my experiences with this product. *My disclaimer is that I am doing work for this company but this review is my personal experience as a customer.

I will start off by saying my becoming a Zero Water customer was not that I am doing work for this company or a felt obligation to use this product but do to the overwhelming praise from other Zero Water customers. The more and more I talked to these customers, the more I felt I was missing out on something big.

I am by no means a water fanatic. As a matter of fact I never drank much of it at all, ever. But I do have an RO system in my house that clogged all of the time and has been turned off for over 3 yrs now. I’ve tried the bottle water thing but that has me at about 30 dollars a month, not to mention the shear amount of empty bottles that produces. I also have a water cooler in my kitchen that just sits there because the last time we had it filled my kids swore the water tasted stale. So there it sits. 

So presented with the same dilemma as other families on the quest for quality drinking water I had to see what the Zero Water craze was all about. I mean I hear great things from just about everyone. But the one thing I hear that stuck with me was from cancer patients who say Zero Water is the only thing they can drink that doesn’t taste like metal. Having a mother in-law battle breast cancer this was something I heard from her many times is everything tasted like metal while she was undergoing treatments.

I heard enough and I had to try it. So I ran to my local target and purchased the pitcher (at retail I might add). I brought it home and tested my tap water with the included TDS Meter (Total Dissolved Solids) and discovered my home TDS reading was 351ppm. WTH were we drinking? What crap is in my water? No wonder people are afraid to drink tap water. Beside the fact that it just tastes nasty.

So ok I filled the pitcher and within a few mins I had enough water to pass around to the family that was reading 000 ppm. Now mind you, my family will go out of their way to prove I was suckered into the latest gadget, but I was pretty confident about this one.

We started with my son and he tried the Zero Water first and say “So what, it tastes like water”, but then I gave him a glass of TAP water which he couldn’t finish and he was hooked. Next was my daughter who right away agreed the water was certainly better. Next was my mom who is a huge bottled water person. She dismissed it right away as just as good as her bottled water. (I actually expected this response from her and just chalked it up to an old lady stuck in her ways. So then came my wife, whom I may add was already pissed that I bought this pitcher in the first place.  She also quickly dismissed this as just water and she could taste no difference.

Could it be?  Was I duped? Did I really fall for some great marketing? I was really beginning to think  so, but I and my kids were drinking water I knew was clean and free of contaminates so I was satisfied in that, but disappointed I couldn’t sell the skeptics. Bummer!

Ahhh but not so fast! I discovered after coming home from work, that my mom has been secretly coming by and stealing my Zero Water and filling her water bottles. And this evening my wife had also conceded that it was indeed better water. Well being a husband I was thrilled that I actually won. Not that it was an argument but I’m sure any husband around the world would agree a W is W whether it be about water or football.

So we also ordered the bottle system that will fit on our water cooler that has been sitting unused for months and my entire family is hooked on Zero Water.

Over the last couple of weeks I have discovered my things about drinking water and how much the quality varies from state to state or even faucet to faucet. I have also learned through my own testing, that bottled water is crap and many samples didn’t test much better than the average TAP water in many households in the US. The more expensive bottled water tested the worst.   So now every time I see some jack wad paying 3 bucks for a bottle of water I will smile know it’s most likely worse that TAP or toilet water.

The Zero Water Pitcher sells for around $35.00 dollars and the Bottle System for water coolers sell for $79.99. I personally feel either product is worth every penny. The only other water that tested 000 was distilled water but that has a flat taste that Zero water does not. And there is no comparison to the Brita or the Pure pitchers as neither one of them will get you to 000 ppm of TDS and you would  at what a disappointing job they really do.

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