Monthly Archives: February 2011

Interstate Crash

I was out getting video of road conditions in Sioux Falls, when I came upon a rolled over SUV in the center median of I229 between 10th and 26th st.

When I first arrived I saw a man on his cell phone and it looked as though maybe he was the driver so I just stopped and adjusted the camera to view the vehicle and quickly noticed there we people inside of that SUV. I slammed the car in park and ran over to the vehicle to see how bad things were. I gained access inside the vehicle through the busted passenger window and could see a woman franticly trying to keep the child that was also inside the vehicle from hanging in the car seat straps. I check over the woman quickly to make sure it was oke for her to be moving and there were no injuries and also asked about the child. The woman told me the child had been asleep at the time of the accident so I looked over the child and made the decision to go ahead and get them out.

I am a certified rescue technician and have preformed many extrications so I just did exactly what I knew how to do and got them out. These 2 were very lucky that neither one were hurt. The poor kid just had a look of shock on her face.

No hero stuff here, just so happened I knew what to do here and they were not injured.

Here is that video