Extreme Weather Chase Team Joins KELOLAND TV To Provide Exclusive Storm Coverage

An exciting development in my world of chasing. Our team has been hard at work chasing already this season KS, IA, SD, OK, and CO. As we expect the pattern to shift north into our area it seemed a perfect time to share this news:

Extreme Weather Media, LLC is proud to announce an exclusive media partnership with KELOLAND TV. As a part of the new agreement, the EXWX Chase Team will be streaming video and providing live reports to KELOLand viewers from the field during severe weather events. By providing real-time coverage on KELO, the EXWX Team is providing valuable information to the public when it matters most.

During severe weather events, EXWX Chase Team will deploy multiple chase vehicles equipped with high definition cameras, live streaming equipment, and radar/data receiving computers. With a direct communication line with the weather team at KELO, EXWX can provide early warnings to alert the public of severe weather and tornado threats and prevent injuries.

Read the full text here http://extremeweathermedia.com/news

Check out KELOLAND TV http://keloland.com

We have worked with the Keloland weather team for the past 2 years and are really excited about this partnership as we go into our third year together.

Look for more cool things to come!


One response to “Extreme Weather Chase Team Joins KELOLAND TV To Provide Exclusive Storm Coverage

  1. Very well done Marc!


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