Personal Weather Safety is up to you and this will help

It’s been proven that we must save ourselves. In this case I’m talking about during all severe weather events and not just tornadoes.

It’s total madness that elected officials continue to put out bad information about warning systems. I will say this in bold so it can be easy to see: TORNADO SIRENS ARE OUTDOOR WARNINGS ONLY.

It’s been proven time and time again that people cannot hear sirens in their homes, offices, and while out shopping etc. And it’s been proven that those same officials that lied to your to get elected, are lying to you again when they appear on TV claiming “Storms came without warning” or in the case of the Mayor of Branson, Mo Raeanne Presley making mention of not hearing sirens. Yeah dumbass, overnight event so whos going to hear that? In perfect conditions a tornado siren can be heard up to mile and 1/2 maybe. Perfect conditions can mean different things in different areas so I will just mention a few:

  1. No obstructions-Meaning no buildings, thick trees, hilly territory, or even the heavy sound of traffic to block or drown the siren sound.
  2. You’re awake. You’ll only hear a tornado siren if you are awake. Also see #1 to multiply the danger to this.
  3.  You are even paying attention or give a damn.

Number 3 sounds a little harsh but as a chaser I see year after year people totally ignoring warnings. I’ve had others tell me “When the warning says what time it will arrive in my town I know how much time I have to go grab a few things like beer and smokes”. (not kidding)

But the biggest myth about tornado sirens is that it gurantees a tornado will hit. It does not. Instead of being pissed that the “siren blew for nothing” you should be grateful you avoided disaster because the town just a few miles away was not so lucky. I have seen tornadoes appear and disappear just as quick and some that seem to go on forever. So the sooner you act the better your chances of survival. I will not apologize for American Idol being interupted when you gripe about it. If the sirens blew, someone saw something. I can promise you it was most likely a spotter or chaser. So thank one when you see one.

Every home should have a NOAA weather radio. This is more important than cable TV or the interweb. And cost a small fraction of what people waste every month. This small device will increase your chances to survive a tornado or other deadly weather event.

There are many choices in NOAA weather radios and I understand it may be confusing as to which one to get so I will try and clear it up.

I own a Midland WR-120 that features All Hazards Alert and the S.A.M.E. Digital technology. All Hazards means the radio is the fastest, most reliable means of receiving information on life threatening weather such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, ice storms as well as civil emergencies.

S.A.M.E. stands for Specific Area Message Encoding, a coding system within the Emergency Alert System that will trigger your radio alert when the warning message is for your area only. But your favorite TV show will still be interupted.

I also own the Oregon Scientific WR108 portable public alert radio. I find both of these radios support the safety needs of myself and my family.

Weather awareness is everyones personal responsibility. Watch local news, listen to local radio, and for god sake when a watch or warning go out, TAKE ACTION!

Now onto those who misinform the public, Mayor Raeanne Presley, Diane Saywer and any others this may fit. Weather does not strike without warning. The National Weather Service puts the information out.

I get that the media gets more viewers to tune in when deaths are involved or with headlines “It struck without warning”. You get the opportunity to sensationalize the story (Diane Sawyer).

If my rant here gets one person to act, I have done my part. Unfortuntly I don’t get to reach the masses so the all media personalities like Diane Sawyer and all Mayors like Raeanne Presley have a responsibility and a duty to correctly inform.

Today is just full of sadness as the death toll from yesterdays severe weather and tornadoes continue to climb, while those the public trusts continues to lie and mislead people to believe nothing could be done. Something can be done! 

This link is a google search for weather radios. Read up and make a purchase today if you do not already have one.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=1d4096cba42e89f5&biw=1280&bih=827

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