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Ok I’ve had enough!

I’ve already had a dismal chasing season from lack of, well getting out there. I was doing my damndest to stay away from even commenting on the tragic events of May 31st beyond a few replies on some posts but damnit I’ve had about ENOUGH of you GREEN SCREEN MONKEY media with your self righteous attitudes towards chasers and now tornado tour groups.

You have no issues using said photos and video on your shows or sharing through your social media feeds to gain likes and followers, knowing full well it was provided free or the person who sold it got screwed selling it to your company.

You didn’t buy it for public awareness. You bought it for ratings!

And since we’re being honest here, it was one of your own TV Meteorologist that put the public into freakout mode causing them to run from impending doom! And the “Chasers” that died are not like the ones you reference in your pieces/blogs/bs wherever it is you use to drive the story, these were men dedicated to tornado science and public safety and you KNOW that. Yet you leave that part out of certain pieces, but still reference the death of chasers. Does tornado engineers or tornado researchers not draw in the viewers or readers enough? Do you really need a bad guy for every tragedy?

If you want to run pieces about the chaser hoards than do so honestly. I am sure you will find many chasers that would agree it can be messy. But how dare you blame those that feed your careers with that exciting video that keeps your viewers tuned into your program. Let me assure you it is the video, not your steller on TV performance viewers are tuning in for.

Since we are at it, and the men involved survived and will recover lets not talk about the media’s OWN reckless quest for the most exciting, extreme close up video.


With that I am done. Damnit media, bite the hand that feeds you and you will get smacked with the paper. Maybe chasers should take to their blogs and discuss the need to keep you news types in the studio and leave the chasing up to the pros.

I’d suggest you just be honest with your audience and stop sensationalizing these stories with misplaced fact and tailored narratives. Every town I go to in every state I’ve been, it’s your viewers that are outside looking for whatever. They do not heed your warnings. Why? It’s not because the roads were clogged thats for sure.

Rant over. I will speak no more of this except to reply of course.