Runnin’ Down A Dream

The title is also a popular Tom Petty song but this post is not at all about Tom Petty or his songs. It is about me, and whats happening today, and no I didn’t become a rock star although that was a dream of mine some 30 yrs back. In Tom’s song, Runnin’ Down A Dream followed by “that never would come to me” which is entirely different in my case. I finally caught my dream, wrestled it to the ground and made it happen.

me1_thumb.jpgWhat was the dream? It was to combine my business skills and some how marry that into the ever changing world of weather and make a living doing it. I tried a couple of times in the past, first attempting to launch a weather related magazine and then actually launching a media company where the focus was strictly focused on weather. The magazine never launched no funding and the media company just could not maintain the revenue to actually do much more that support a hobby. I was very passionate about it but once hunger sets in, realistic expectations do as well. I even walked away from weather for a bit, I stopped looking at weather models and even stopped watching the local weather produced by my friends at KELO TV. I had stopped chasing completely. Even Mother Nature tried to get me back into it by running storms right past my house to bait me but I was convinced I was done and ignored them completely. I had a good career so maybe it was time to just focus on that and be an adult about things. As time ticked on, so did I but just barely. I enjoyed what I was doing but I didn’t love it. I always knew at some point I would have to make a change. But what? What could I do that would not require a total reset?

The end of 2015 was big. I mean really BIG and it seemed like things just pretty much fell
into place. I had been training my team for theMarcJeffAshley past year, but only 1 person really knew what it was all about.  Right before Thanksgiving a former boss, mentor and friend of mine came in to speak to my team and it was fantastic. It was a really BIG deal to me for a lot of reasons I won’t really get into it except to say, what I learned from him previously made a BIG impact on me personally and professionally and now I had the opportunity to have that kick ass attitude shared with my team from the man himself. I had been given the secret recipe, but I am not always so good at cooking the crazy stew.

Just a couple of days prior to that event I was presented an opportunity that seemed like it was fate. It was an opportunity to relocate to Norman, OK. The prime location for tornadoes and home to the National Sever Storms Laboratory, which is actually located across the parking lot from where I work today.

I now work for Weather Decision Technologies, the industry leader that provides organizations with weather decision support on a global scale. WDT has specific expertise with Big Data as it applies to hazardous weather detection and prediction, forecast modeling, decision analytics, GIS, mobile apps and interactive mapping. The WeatherOps forecast team located right outside of my office is world-renowned and are experts who provide global asset projection and commodities trading decision support. I am learning things I had no knowledge of previously and that excites the hell out of me. Even more excitement than being in the red box with sirens going off.

I do want to thank you to my family and friends that stuck beside me and encouraged me to keep dreaming big. To my former staff that pushed me and held me accountable.





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