I have Returned to Winterfell

After spending the last 10 months in the storm chasers Kings Landing of sorts, Norman OK, I have returned to the north. I’ve brought back with me a ton of experience and some really fantastic tools that provide situational awareness and advanced weather planning capabilities.  I jokingly refer to Sioux Falls as Winterfell because it sums up the climate here to a tee and it’s far more fun to say you are from Winterfell than Sioux Falls, SD. It’s also a better conversation starter because most people know more about Winterfell than South Dakota, except for a great deal do know about Mt. Rushmore. However, those same people don’t realize it’s about 35 hours away from here if you travel by covered wagon and 5 hours by car.

My time spent in Norman was amazing. I absolutely love the people of Oklahoma. They are very genuine, respectful and seem to be pretty tough overall. The climate, HATED it. I knew going there it was going to be hotter than SD. I have driven there many times for storms and such but I always returned north. Living there with back to back brutal days of hot and sticky were not for me at all. Call me what you will but my body told me I belong further north.

The reason I went south in the first place was for an opportunity to work for a leading private weather provider, Weather Decision Technologies. This career change proved to be a good one for me for many reason. My passion for weather being one of them. The second is our suite of turn key products that I truly believe in. My business experience in various industries helps me apply weather data and turn it into profit and that excites me. I’m currently working on a couple of projects that at the core are doing just that. In the call center I trained my managers and team leaders to really read deep into our dashboards and when they could see beyond the numbers and view it like the matrix, only then were they truly aware and that they could stand solid on any decisions and actions they would have to make. The experience I’ve gained at WDT allows me to do the same with weather maps. I see systems move across the globe like money, whether it be due to exposure of direct safety threats, supply chain disruptions, route planning, staff or job site scheduling, weather indeed has a direct effect on the day to day cost of doing business. Put a little thought into it and you will quickly realize that weather intelligence goes far beyond what to wear for work and having the tools and talent to leverage that information can have a direct effect on your own profit or loss.

In returning north, my goal is to highlight WDT and be the provider of weather guidance and decision support to business, city and state governments, health and safety folks in this region. Contact me directly and let me show you how easy it is to not only get the information that every single person including you uses, but how you can leverage it to your advantage. Take a look at WeatherOps and you could get started today. http://weatherops.com


One response to “I have Returned to Winterfell

  1. Forrest Lambert III

    Awesome write up. I’m pretty sure even living back up here you will still be able to make sales but also do it in a broader coverage area cause now you have the states up here that deal with not only severe weather but also severe winter storms that make a bigger impact on everyday living.


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