About Me

This blog is about my storm chasing experiences, weather related activities, and weather equipment reviews.
I primarily chase severe weather in SD, IA, NE, IA, MS and KS tracking and documenting severe weather through photos, live stream and video online as well as broadcast television. My videos and or live stream have been used on all major networks and many of their local affiliates. I have chased across the plains since 2001.

I am married with two teenage children and work as a Senior Program Manager in a national contact center. I am also certified as a FF level 4 and Rescue Technician, which I obtained through the University of MD’s Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute. I have practical experience in this area serving several years as a volunteer FF for Prince George County FD.

My storm experience begins in 2001. I started out with the arrival of a monster storm right in my driveway. Seeing this thing with hail, awesome winds and an incredible spinning mass…I was hooked. Jumped in the car, bought a scanner and followed this monster into Iowa where it produced a tornado that I didn’t see. The following year I drove all around the state of SD, parts of IA and NE with just a weather radio and saw plenty of clouds, lightning, and lots and lots of rain. No tornadoes.
2003 I took a  Skywarn Spotter class and that year and bagged my first tube. It was June 24, 2003. This was an F1 tornado that touched down and destroyed the sub division of Hartford Heights in Hartford, SD. This twister severely damaged homes by taking them off of the foundations and removing entire second floors. I was floored, yet amazed. Respect and caution for severe weather at that point was completely driven into my mind. Continued the spotter approach for the next 2 years with a good mix of success and failures. But with each experience, I learned more and more. In 2005, I created an online presence and decided I would continue to chase. I was driven, passionate and ready. I knew I still had lots to learn, but knew I could not learn them without actually doing it. The rest of the story is still being written.



May Day '08 Tornado