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Windows Live! What is it?

Your life. Your stuff. All together with Windows Live… Is the new tag line. My job teaching Microsoft products never included the messenger and Live Services until now and with Windows 7 the discussions have found it’s way into to classes but connectivity is incredible and merits the discussion.

So we all know about windows messenger. But did you know about Live Spaces, SkyDrive, Photo Gallery, Live Writer? If not then read on, if you don’t care, read on anyway you might actually learn something.

When I think of Windows Live I think of a combination of software and a hosted way for me to share, save, collaborate with family, friends, and colleagues. The software combination includes:

  • Messenger – Chat instantly with friends and family on your desktop, on the web, and on your mobile phone.
  • Mail -Access your e‑mail, contacts, and calendar even when you’re offline.
  • Movie Maker – Create beautiful, memorable movies, then publish to the web in a few clicks.
  • Photo Gallery – Edit, organize, tag, and share your photos
  • Writer – Compose a blog post, add your photos and links to your videos, and then publish to the web.
  • Family Safety – Manage and monitor your children’s Internet activity so they can surf the web more safely.

Now this software combined with the “Hosted Services”:

  • Hotmail
  • SkyDrive – 25 GB of free storage for photos and documents
  • Spaces – Express yourself with your own customized webpage—add a blog, photos, videos, and more.
  • Office – Office Web Apps on SkyDrive let you view, edit and share Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents from virtually anywhere – all for free!
  • Mobile – Stay in sync anywhere, with Windows Live on your mobile phone.
  • Devices – Connect to all your computers remotely and sync folders between them.

There are others not in this list but these were the main ones. The beta I trying of the software and windows 7, all of these services link to my Facebook, twitter, MySpace, Live Spaces just using writer and messenger.

There some pretty cool stuff here to check out.